Guideline of Yanxin Cleanroom System Project:
To insure our Cleanroom System standard, suitable, modern, economical and durable.

Yanxin Cleanroom System has been following the newest international standards and assuring each solution of cleanroom to meet international acceptance criterions.

Yanxin Cleanroom System is customer-oriented, never regard meeting the acceptance condition as the only standard, but make the cleanroom meet customer’s requirements.

Yanxin requires each designer and engineer to return visit the project designed or constructed by themselves without expense, no matter when the projects were accepted, ten years ago or twenty years ago. It not only reflects our good after-sales service, but also enables each employee of Yeshine to understand the process of design and construction, to differentiate the good and bad points in using and to offer more valuable experience for the current design and construction. Therefore, the Yanxin design and construction is well-known for its applicability and durability.

Yanxin requires each designer and engineer to keep on acquiring new technique and industry knowledge, so we subscribe many domestic and overseas science and technology magazines, and often invite domestic and foreign experts and users of cleanroom to give lectures and organize technological consultation activities via coalition of cleanroom engineers. In order to keep step with the development of technique, design and construction of cleanroom, we insist the above action from year to year.

Yanxin owns first-class modernized processing technologies, first-class processing facilities and first-class workman, and our processing factories are capable of producing most materials and corollary equipment involved in cleanroom project, which lead Yanxin Cleanroom System has a good cost performance. The ultimate goal of Yeshine is to construct cleanroom with the best quality and the most reasonable cost.